TRIFORIA® grow best in the sunny areas of your garden, terrace or balcony and can thrive in a wide range of soils. This winter-hardy perennial is known for its dense sculptural growth and strong roots. With good care and water, TRIFORIA® will grow on its own without overgrowth - making it the ideal plant for your garden pot, bowl or window box, no matter the season.


    • Origin:
      Central and Northern Europe
    • Water needs:
    • Hardiness:
      Full winter-hardy (EU zone 7 – 5)
    • Family:
    • Height:
      15 – 45 cm
    • Fertilisation:
      Occasionally with slow-release fertiliser
    • Position:
    • Bloom period:
      May to September
    • Soil:
      Potting soil or garden soil
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